Thursday, June 3, 2010

Adobe Flash Pro CS5 Update 11.0.1 is Live


This update includes AIR 2.0 support in Flash Pro, Packager for iPhone enhancements, and other bug fixes. To run the updater do the following :

  1. Launch Adobe Flash Pro CS5.
  2. Help > Updates...
  3. Quit Adobe Flash Pro CS5
  4. Click UPDATE.
  5. Quit when the updater is finished and launch Adobe Flash Pro CS5.
To confirm the result :
  1. File > New.
  2. Then select "IPhone OS".
  3. Click OK.
  4. From the Properties panel click on the iPhone OS Settings Edit button.
  5. Click on "Icons" tab and you should see 2 new icons for iPad

Click here Adobe Flash Pro CS5 Update 11.0.1 to learn more.


  1. But as I know AIR 2 was there before this update!?
    At least in "publish settings" you were able to select "Adobe AIR 2". I thought that published application is running on air 2 then?

    I would be glad to hear more info about this topic.

    Gregor Čepek

  2. Flash CS5 contains AIR 2 SDK in its shipping version. However, it's not the final SDK since AIR has not been released when Flash CS5 is shipped. This update actually updates the AIR 2 SDK to the shipping version of AIR 2.

  3. I thought no flash on iphone/ipad, and now an update ?

  4. The Flash Pro team had committed to finish the iPhone/iPad functionality, which as you know ships in CS5, so we did! There is no technical reason preventing these applications from running on iPhone or iPad, so if Apple changes their policies the functionality is there for users.

    Meanwhile we're using similar technology and turning our attention to other platforms.

    We have heard from users that the Package for iPhone OS functionality in Flash Pro CS5 is still useful for prototyping and for demonstrating content on iPhone and iPad even if Apple's policies deny finished applications from selling on the iTunes store.

    Doug Benson
    Adobe Flash Professional team

  5. After updating, I see the new icons for iPad, but under Help > About Adobe Flash CS5 it still lists for me. Does it do that for anyone else? I would think the version in Help/About would update to 11.0.1, no? Thanks! I'm also having a hard time getting the IDE to use debug player. Even after uninstalling all players and a reboot - it still shows Thanks for any help.

  6. You are not supposed to see 11.0.1 under help/About or anywhere in the app so this is expected.
    Regarding your second question, are you talking about the browser player or the standalone player?


  7. Hey, I'm getting this little bugs, I posted an entry on my blog with some more info and mentioned this blog ;)

  8. I cant's see the sais that the product is up to date. what is the problem?

  9. check out this post about the outdated "Test Movie" player: