Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Swiffy becomes Flash Pro plug-in to convert SWF's to HTML

Google has just released Swiffy plug-in that converts your SWF's to HTML which then can be browsed on your mobile (iOS,Android,etc..). Flash Pro continue to prove that it's the technology to author and create content for desktop and mobile. No need to learn or adapt new technology/tool to publish to html. If you know Flash Pro then all what you need to do is to install Swiffy and simply publish your existing content to html. I am positive that we are going to see more and more technologies being built on top of Flash Pro to enable users to publish to different formats.

Below is a screenshot shows an existing SWF that i built for mobile using Flash Pro and the Swiffy html result of that swf . Of course there still are limitations, but I am sure it's a matter of time until you can completely publish your Flash Pro content to html. 
Some of the limitations are :
Scenes are not supported. (1 occurrences)
Filters are not supported by (Mobile) Safari. (21 occurrences)
Blend modes are not supported. (6 occurrences)
Bitmap caching is not supported. (1 occurrences)
9-slice scaling is not supported. (10 occurrences)
ActionScript 3.0 is not supported. (30 occurrences)
Streaming audio is not supported. (139 occurrences)
OpenType fonts, as introduced in SWF 10, are not supported. (2 occurrences)

I know that many of the developers and designers thinking of Flash Pro in terms of the Flash runtime and it's the authoring tool for that platform only. This is actually changing and we are going to see Flash Pro as content authoring tool for different formats. Swiffy is just one way to demonstrate that and I am positive that we are going to see many other extensions being built on top of Flash to export to different formats.

The advantage for Flash Pro users is that there is no learning curve. Thousands of developers and designers know the tool and are familiar with it. All what you need to do is to install Swiffy and publish to HTML. That simple.

You gotta love Flash Pro!!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Developer And Designer multiscreen mashup with Flash Professional

See how Adobe Flash Professional's developers and designers can share code and visual assets to create applications that target multiple screens. The below video also shows how incremental compilation works in Flash Professional.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Overlaying AIR 2.7 SDK for Flash Professional CS5.5

Adobe Flash Professional was released 2 months ago with AIR2.6. Adobe just released AIR2.7 that has so many enhancements and new features over AIR 2.6 especially enhanced rendering for iOS (mobile only). AIR apps for iOS render up to four times faster in CPU mode. See the below video 

To be able to publish to AIR 2.7 runtime, you would need to overlay AIR2.7 for Flash Professional CS5.5 as listed in the below link 

Note: Adobe does not provide technical support when overlaying