Thursday, May 6, 2010

Code hints is unable to build code hints cache

One of the new cool features in Adobe Flash Authoring CS5 is custom code hints introspection. Using this feature some of you might encounter the bug when code hints is unable to build code hints cache. A file cap was put in place to prevent the code hinting mechanism from churning in the background for files saved on the desktop or in the root directory. It will try to parse all surroundings files which could take quite a bit of time and would hold up getting back any code hinting information. Therefore, a default file cap of 800 files was put into place. However, you can change this value by adding a preference key as follows :

This tip is only for advance users who are comfortable changing registry keys.

1. Open Regedit and navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Adobe > Flash 11 > Settings
2. Right+click and choose: ‘New… > DWORD Value’
3. Rename the key: Project File Cap
4. Select the key and choose: ‘Modify’
5. Edit the value as either hex or decimal: 1000
6. Click OK and restart Flash

1. Open ‘/Users//Library/Preferences/Flash CS5 Preferences’ in Text Edit
2. Under the section add the following: 1000
3. Save the file and restart Flash



  1. Hi,
    Thank's a lot. It really worked.

  2. Looks like it should be " 1" where as before it was 0

    I couldn't find any 800 value, but now the code hinting works. Thanks. I thought it was something I was doing wrong.

  3. hi
    i try it, but its not working ...!!?

  4. Thanks it worked.

  5. Thanks, this worked well. Unfortunately, it caused some of my projects to ignore all code when published. Had to delete it to make them work again. I am using flash CS5.

  6. i cannot find /Flash CS5 Preferences’ in mac

  7. Sim, funcionou perfeitamente no meu Flash CS5!

    Valeu garoto!

  8. Yep worked for me! Thanks!

  9. not worked what can i do? help me please

  10. More specifically for Mac users:

    1. Close Flash
    2. open '/Users/**inert your username here**/Library/Preferences/Flash CS5 Preferences' (its an XML file)
    3. find the tag
    4. add a new child tag within as shown:


    (I used a higher value for good measure)
    5. Save.
    6. Reopen Flash and it should work! (at least that's what it took for me :)


  11. Blast! My XML tags were stripped! Lets try this again....

    3. find the tag <Settings>
    4. add a new child tag within as shown:


    (I used a higher value for good measure)